Reading is great!

Don't get me wrong, I love it! I read everything. Backs of shampoo bottles when I forget to take a book the bog with me, strangers palms... so many things!

Know what else I love? Action movies and horror films. But sometimes I'm sitting there, reading or watching a film and I just want to get to the action. I can't be alone there, can I? Surely someone else out there had lashed on a Friday the 13th and fast forwarded to that sleeping bad kill, right?

Well that's why I started doing these little bits of flash fiction. Sure, in a real story/book/film/opera you need to set up the scene and flesh out the characters so when they finally get it in the neck it has some impact. Some OOMPH! But not here. My aim is to just have real quick, fun reads about weird ways of dying horribly.

Oh and before you go reporting me to the FBI or whatever and asking them to put me on a watchlist. These are done with tongue firmly in cheek. 101 Murders is a satirical collection done for yuks rather than gasps. (laughs are cheap, after all) If you don't want chuckles with your fatalities you might want to check out my actual books. Now THOSE should get me on some kind of watchlist. Hahah.

So without further adieu... On to the murders!