The first of an ongoing series of slasher novels inspired by the video nasties of the eighties. The Death Head Valley series centres around the titular valley that demands blood be spilt within its basin.

Rated 18/NC-17


Headcase is a collection of seven weird tales ranging from the titular HEADCASE in which a man makes a faustian deal with a creature beyond human understanding; to a simply short story about a man whose heart believes it knows better than he does.

One for fans of splatterpunk and cosmic horror. Click for a direct Amazon link.

old and removed works


The Existential Loss

The first project by David was more of an experiment than anything else.
The Existential Loss was a collection of 5 short stories covering the five stages of grief, each one centring around loss in some form or another. The pieces have since been revisited in later works, including Headcase.